Client Experience

Kate works closely with me on a variety of projects - from massive corporate styling jobs to individual VIP clients. She's got impeccable taste, yet remains budget conscious and deeply knowledgeable about available merchandise. - Stacy LondonWhat Not To Wear , TLC

Kate is the very best. I am so pressed for time and a terrible shopper and Kate took care of everything for me. I showed up at the store and had a dressing room full of clothes to try on. She had me put on things that I would have never tried myself, and they looked great. She is equally good at finding good bargains as she is shopping high end brands. And, on top of it all, she's incredibly nice and I had a great time shopping with her. - JJ RambergYour Money, MSNBC

Thank you so much for all your time, patience, guidance and amazing fashion/style lessons.  I really appreciate that you approach what you do with such an emphasis on teaching the larger principles that go behind the selections, in addition to making great selections.  You have an amazing eye, a firm, but gentle touch, and are very fun to be with.  I really had now idea what to expect from this whole experience and was so pleasantly surprised. I enjoyed our time together and look forward to more. - Jesse, NYC

Thanks for the wonderful experience yesterday. You took the stress out of what could have been a very lengthy process ending up with nothing at all.  You are amazing at what you do and frankly just a lovely person. - Krista, NYC

I am siting here at Starbucks reenergizing before I head home and thinking how much we accomplished.  Wow! I think if I had gone alone, I would have come back with maybe a few things and still doubting myself. And... I would have not have chosen some of the great pieces we chose.   You have opened my eyes to new styles and colors! - Linda, NYC

I flew to NY from Miami for my appointment with Kate, using frequent flyer miles and support from my hubby - this was a big planned event for me.  As I told Kate, my challenge is I have no idea how to put an outfit together.  She was fantastic - she taught me things I would have never known, like how to get awesome looking items in H&M, and put together fun casual items (I dress incredibly boring usually).  We power shopped day one. Day two I woke up staring at everything and had the deer in headlights look on my face.  Kate came in like superwoman and put one million outfits together and took pictures of each of them.  Then we shopped for accessories. She took me to Nordstroms Rack (which is my version of Heaven, seriously) and pulled AMAZING pieces out of thin air.  I was looking around and did NOT see what she could see. That girl is the real deal.  She is a true gem.  Her follow up is helping make the experience have real function, she emailed me photos with accessories, and offered for me to email her pictures of my shoes to complete outfits.  She also offered for me to send her pictures of outfits when I want her opinion. - Diane, Miami

Both Abi and I had the most wonderful experience and you changed my life in more ways than you can imagine. I am so pleased with my purchases but most importantly, I now have the confidence to walk into any store and find pieces that are flattering to my body and portray an image I've always wished for. I have recommended you to my friends and will think of you every time I put together an outfit. You truly are a gem and you better believe I will be booking you again next year!! - Tiffany, Bahamas

You know... I forgot to share something you may like to hear. My son's school had a parent lecture/ training event and one of the (newer) parents was asking how we all coped with all the different difficulties of having severely disabled children.  I thought of how much my new style brightens my days and what a difference it makes to feel good about how you look and to take just a bit of time to do that.  It probably sounds so superficial but it does make a big difference.  Maybe one day I'll write an article for one of the special needs magazines ;) - Linda, NYC

Thanks again, Kate! Your sharp expertise exceeded my expectations. Can't wait to wear everything. I feel a work promotion coming on! Allison, NYC