It's Got Your Name On It

There are so so so many wonderful things about being married to the very best guy - true love, emotional support, friendship ... but the one thing that I haven't quite embraced is the financial accountability that being in a partnership with long-term goals entails. In my single days of cheap rent and live-in-the-moment financial management, if I saw something I liked and is was relatively affordable (or at least affordable today), I got it. Now, I cringe a little when my husband asks, "so, what was that package that came today?" Alas, it's a small price to pay for building a life and a future filled with adventures and travel, children, and (fingers crossed) a vacation cottage someday.

So, instead of going into a blackout and blindly ordering all my obsessions, I've decided to use my technological skills (lol!) to put together lookbooks for all my favorite readers (that's you!) so you may take my temptation and turn it into your gain. My last post of the my Top 50 Spring pieces under $100 was a love letter to on-trend, on-budget pieces. This week, I am sending kiss emojis to monogrammed bags. Although I really wouldn't consider myself a monogram fan in general, I have been really excited about the idea of classic simple totes emblazoned with my initials. There's something lovely about the idea of having a bag that's classic enough to be worn forever and personalized enough that the bag becomes a signature piece. CLICK HERE to be taken to my digital lookbook where you can order all the items (and more!) that you see below. 

I can already feel my resolve crumbling, the reality is that I will most likely cave and order one of these bags despite my great logic listed above... so it goes. 

Happy shopping, bunnies! XO

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