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We love clothes.
We love helping people feel great in their clothes even more. 


I am a career wardrobe stylist who’s worked with personal clients ranging from Fortune 500 executives to stay-at-home parents. I've consulted with large corporations to help their employees reflect the brand's image with their uniforms or clothing choices. I've wardrobed hosts for television and completed countless makeovers for magazines and TV.

At Kate Powell Styling we love clothes. We love helping people feel great in their clothes even more. We can't wait to help you.

We tailor our services to save you stress, time, and money. No matter your gender, your needs or your budget, we can work to make sure you never have another bad clothes day.

For postpartum moms going back to work, for last minute red carpet events, for television hosts and everyday dads, for professionals who want to be noticed in their workplace, for those in a major life transition, Kate Powell Styling has the fashion solution for you. 


Kate worked closely with me on a variety of projects—from massive corporate styling jobs to individual VIP clients. She’s got impeccable taste, yet remains budget conscious and deeply knowledgeable about available merchandise
— Stacy London, What Not To Wear (TLC)

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Corporate and Uniform Consulting / Project BASED Rates

At Kate Powell Styling, we know that your brand's image is of the utmost importance. We tailor solutions for your business to help your employees look and feel their best and to make sure that they are encompassing your brand's identity. From executive workshops on dressing and tailoring, to hospitality uniform concepts, design and production, Kate Powell Styling has the solution to make your team feel confident and reflect the values and essence of your business. Portfolio upon request.

MEdia / Project BASED Rates

Kate Powell Styling has completed countless makeovers for both television and magazines and we thrive in the fast-paced world of media. Our contributions have been featured on The Today Show, Good Morning America, Extra, The Wendy Williams Show, What Not To Wear, Good Morning Football, and  Love at First Swipe as well as Redbook, HGTV Magazine, and Woman's Day. We love to collaborate and celebrate transformation. Portfolio and reel upon request. 

personal styling 

Personal styling is the bread and butter of Kate Powell Styling. We love working with individuals to help them feel transformed through clothing. Whether you need your clothing to reflect your professional status at work or some fun casual pieces to step up your game at school pickup, we understand that feeling your best helps make the rest of your day easier. No matter your budget, your gender, or your needs, Kate Powell Styling is here to help.



The Quickie / $325

A quick way to make better use of your own closet and perfect for the person who just needs some new outfit ideas to get out of their closet rut. During this 2 hour appointment we will do a quick organization and pull out pieces that you have been overlooking to make 4-6 new outfits that you can start wearing right away!

2 hours


The Big Cleanse / $650

Feeling completely overwhelmed in your closet? Let me do a deep dive cleanse and organization of your closet where I will sort through what to keep, what to toss, and what to consign. We will discuss which pieces can be tailored for better fit and which pieces are beyond help. I will organize your closet so that all your gems are upfront and center.

4 hours




The Big shop / $650

Let's get your wardrobe up-to-date without the headache! Let me tackle the hard part before you arrive with an hour-long prepull so you walk into a perfectly edited and personally curated dressing room. I will do the running while you enjoy trying on a selection of the best clothes rather than wandering the store in a blur of frustration.

4 hours


the Lookbook / $170

The cherry on top of the wardrobe sundae. Add this on to your closet cleanse and/or shopping expedition so you never have to say, "how do I wear that?" again. Using a digital styling platform, I will build outfits from your wardrobe so you get the most value from your new purchases and/or your existing wardrobe gets a fresh lease on life.

1 hour




The Complete overhaul / $1300

Ready to totally overhaul your style? Consider this your comprehensive fashion makeover. Start with a 3 hour in-home closet cleanse where we clean, organize, and identify what's missing. Then we fill in the gaps with a 4 hour shopping experience that will be stress-free and (dare I say) fun! Lastly we will pull it all together with a lookbook featuring up to 30 outfits using your new and previous wardrobe so you never have to stress about getting dressed again.

Times may vary


A-la-carte / $170/hr

Have a special occasion you need the perfect dress and shoes for? Need a suit for the big presentation? Is there a trip or honeymoon that you want help packing for. Or perhaps just a quick shopping trip to touch up your seasonal wardrobe. Whatever you need, we can get it done with a-la-carte hours. Let me know what you are looking for and I will come up with a strategy so we quickly and efficiently tackle your wardrobe dilemma sans hassle. Two hour minimum. 

Times may vary


Kate is the very best. I am so pressed for time and a terrible shopper and Kate took care of everything for me. I showed up at the store and had a dressing room full of clothes to try on. She had me put on things that I would have never tried myself, and they looked great. She is equally good at finding good bargains as she is shopping high end brands. And, on top of it all, she’s incredibly nice and I had a great time shopping with her.

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work life balance

As a new mom and busy professional, I know the struggle to find a style that feels pulled together and sharp without being fussy and complicated. I know you don’t have endless time to shop or get dressed in the morning.  I know that feeling bad in your clothes can ruin your day. I know that you need functionality as much as you need fashion. I know…

 Your wardrobe shouldn’t be your enemy, rather a toolkit in the pursuit of self love and self expression.

This is where my team and I come in. This is our passion. Let’s get rid of the clothing that no longer works for you, find pieces you love and feel amazing in, and pull it all together into some killer outfits. Let’s make your wardrobe a source of joy and power. Let’s erase doubt and smallness. Let’s give you the peace of mind to show up to any situation and feel great. Let’s make you feel amazing!

I’m so glad we’ve found each other. No more bad clothes days.


Thanks for the wonderful experience yesterday. You took the stress out of what could have been a very lengthy process ending up with nothing at all. You are amazing at what you do and frankly just a lovely person
— Christa, NYC

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just ask

We love our clients and want nothing more than for them to feel at ease with us and the process. Tell us about yourself. Tell us where you are stuck. Ask us anything. Tell us about your special needs or off-menu ideas. Tell us how we can help. 

 No judgements, no pressure, just love. XO Kate


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